Dr. Lance Hoose
Your Tulsa Chiropractor
"Dr. Lance is the best! I wouldnt go, or take my children anywhere else! He's gentle, non-invasive, and one of the greatest Doctors i have found in Oklahoma."
Carrie M.
"Amazing. He's quick and effective, but he cares about each patient as an individual."
John B.
"I'm so thankful to have found Dr. Hoose! I have been his patient since April of 2012, at that time I had been suffering for recurring episodes of intense nerve pain in my neck & limited rotation. I had been seeing a D.O. who diagnosed me with degenerative disc disease & prescribed me high doses of ibuprofen & muscle relaxers. I felt like a zombie. I was then referred to a Pain Management Clinic where they gave me steroid injections in my spine 6 weeks apart. I had a bad reaction the 2nd time, that sent nerve pain from the injection site out to my shoulders! I quit everything & started seeing Dr. Hoose regularly. I started feeling better & have been without prescription medicine for 3 years! He has treated me for other ailments & my children as well. Dr. Hoose is our family Doctor!"
Heather J.
"Dr. Hoose office is very welcoming, has the best heart warming staff, and I can always count on leaving in a better mood than i walked in on. Its always a positive experience!"
Sheridan L.
"I first visited Dr. Hoose’s office after a car accident that left me with complicated back and neck issues. Dr. Hoose did a great job of listening to my concerns and addressing each one. He was able to make me immediately feel better and move easier. He has also educated me on the link between my neck problems and frequent allergy symptoms while treating it all. I then brought both of my disabled parents who have been equally impressed with the improvement of their quality of life. I highly encourage anyone to seek treatment from Dr. Hoose and his wonderful assistant Kim for their chiropractic needs."
Michael B.

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